Tuesday, January 24, 2006

eBay is Not an Online Garage Sale

File under 'money-making lessons learned' - after a four-month grace following a move to new home, we finally got around to unpacking all the boxes that had been left in our basement. While we were able to freecycle a number of items that had some appeal, our best efforts of triaging (keep, give away, garbage) still left us with a few odds and ends:
  • 1 Fondue Set
  • 1 Milk frother
  • 1 set of ceramic 'Finding Nemo' bookends
  • 1 game, Operation (I wasn't even a fan of this one when I played it 22 years ago)
  • 1 odd plaything, a 'Bop-it'
All items were brand new and in original packaging. I had just received an email newsletter from eBay offering 5 free listings (perfect!), so I suggested my wife list the stuff and see what we could get for it. $15? $20$? Who knows?

No dramatic conclusion, and certainly no bidding wars over Operation. (In fact, we didn't even get a single bid.) If I learned anything, eBay shoppers are a saavy lot indeed, and can smell someone trying to unload basement goodies a mile away.


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