Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Frugal Focus Saving Event - Energy Expenses

Remember all my platitudes about miserliness vs. frugality? Well, 4 days and $13.31 later, I caved and my basement is now the proud home of a masterfully frugal series of clothes lines (4 in total, and quite discreet). I simply screwed 3 pairs of 2 X 3's in parallel from my ceiling joists, drilled holes in the bottom end and ran some clothes line between them (and right below a heating vent, to boot).

I have to confess I'm a somewhat compulsive DIYer come the weekend (though not so skilled with actual use of tools, etc.). I suspect this little project was more about the new clothes lines justifying the savings (as opposed to the other way around).

Total Annual Savings: $94.00 - $13.31 = $80.69 (though I'm somewhat suspect of the EnerGuide estimate ...)
What this means: About 1 month of gasoline for car.


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