Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Looking at Energy Expenses

In looking at my energy-related expenses I found the EnerGuide site interesting , particularly their interactive energy cost calculator. I have been considering setting up a small clothes-drying area in my basement and really wanted to understand, as nearly as possible, what I pay to use this on a per load basis.

Using their tool my dryer cost came out to be about $94 annually. Assuming we do 4 loads/week that's about $0.45/load. Not terribly significant, and this cost is arguably bordering on the 'non-essential but life-enhancing' (to use Derek Foster's terms). While I can have dry clothes whether I pay $94/year or not, it will probably take 10 minutes for my wife or I to hang it all up. And at $0.45 per load (assuming my math is right) it doesn't seem worth it. Frugal = good, miserly = bad.

Plus, putting on a pair of jeans fresh from the clothesline, something akin to cardboard lined with sandpaper, in no way compares to the oddly instinctive pleasure of donning the same pair fresh from the dryer. Its all about the simple pleasures.


Blogger Greg said...

Nothing to do with the topic at hand -- but you sound really detailed (like me). I have used Quicken for 16 years to track ALL my financial details.

When I was paying down my mortgage I was able to "see" exactly what I had extra to use for extra payments.

The longer you use it the more useful the historical detail becomes -- obviously.

If you aren't using it or something like it, you would be wise to consider it. If you need help/details/benefit of my experience -- feel free to holler.

Greg (

1/19/2006 2:31 AM  
Blogger Humble Investor said...

Thanks Greg,

I confess, I do have a real passion for analysis and detail. I actually used MS Money 2002 for about 3 years for budgeting and spend tracking until last summer when my computer died. When I got a new PC in December I upgraded to Money 2005. I can't say I've been overly impressed - some issues actually forced me to start over with a new "money file". I will very likely look at Quicken when the 2 years of internet services for Money 2005 expires.

Thanks again - I appreciate your offer of support.

1/19/2006 8:36 PM  

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