Monday, February 20, 2006

Paid Online Surveys?

Yes, a little dodgy, I know, and perhaps only a few rungs of credibility above the myriad of 'make money at home' schemes that fill pop-ups ads and clog my spam-filter on a proverbial basis.

That being said, after travelling through few a few links from a post on MyMoneyBlog, I came across, something of an aggregator for market surveyors of all colors. (There is even a list just for Canadians). From the list of companies offering surveys, I did sign-up with Ipsos I-Say, a division of the reputable and well-known Ipsos-Reid. Their focus clearly was on consumer-type research, and they offer respondents more of "opportunities to win cash" as opposed to just "cash". We'll see ...

Many of the others began asking a lot about my employer and any decision-making responsibility I enjoyed at work over various types of product or service acquisitions. Not only was I uncomfortable with this type of disclosure, but they fact they were just generating contact leads for third parties was painfully undisguised. These were an obvious pass.

If I have any success at all with Ipsos I-Say (my expectations are quite low) I will update this topic.


Blogger Greg said...

Mediacom sends me surveys from time to time asking about mundane things like snack food and cleaning products. My reward has been a series of $5 Starbucks, Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons cards/coupons. I've likely made all of $25 over a year or two but it is generally painless. I am also on Zoom's list and recently every time I get a request to participate find the "survey is closed" as soon as 90 minutes after the email is received.

2/23/2006 1:10 AM  
Blogger Humble Investor said...

Excellent - thanks Greg

2/24/2006 7:23 AM  

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